• Individual and group meditation training
  • Wisdom guide and mentoring for awakening and well-being

I integrate current scientific understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional world with practices from the wisdom traditions and then weave a scaffolding for my clients to find their way forward to inner truth and right action—a fully holistic approach--powered by consciousness.

who am i ?

I live a life of awe, wonder, and question, always seeking to know myself and this cosmos in greater depth of experience and meaning. I am a seeker--of knowledge, truth, simplicity, wisdom, love and connection. You’ll mostly find me with me face towards the light but I’ve learned to dance with my shadow.  Here, I’ve discovered, is another place for experiencing the divine and for rich and fertile growth. Treading with reverence, the path I weave heads directly to the heart of the matter and just as often wanders meadows and streams of the unexpected, mystery and delight. I’ve discovered that awe and wonder are present wherever I rest my attention, fully, in the moment and that I never tire of admiring a dragonfly perched next to me, a sunrise, or the human heart.  

why i do what i do

Because I desire to live a life of meaning and purpose

  • embodying Absolute Love
  • authentically from my Essential Self
  • tapping into inner Wisdom
  • moving out from a place of Inner Peace
  • always evolving towards Unitive Consciousness.

how i do it

  • By inviting forward the beautiful, unique expression of this universe that you are;
  • Identifying the current habits and stories you hold that are limiting you;
  • Helping you learn how to calm and center yourself in the moment;
  • Teaching you how to lay new neural pathways to increase calm, focus, self-awareness, and your overall well-being for a lifetime; and 
  • Supporting you through difficult times and transitions.


Formal Education & Certification: 

  • Deeper Still: Advanced Meditation Teacher Training: Davidji, Carlsbad, California
  • Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training: Davidji, Carlsbad, California
  • Doctor of Ministry: U.C.S., Oakland, California
  • Organization Development, Master program: Pepperdine University
  • Family Social Science, Bachelor program:  University of Minnesota

Trained and/or licensed in tools:

  • BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory
  • Gregorc Learning Style Indicator
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Team and Leadership Development 
  • ICA Visioning and Consensus Methodology
  • High Performance Organization Design