The challenge facing all of us today is to lead AND follow from a new, expanded state of conscious awareness. This challenge requires awakening to an even greater awareness of who we are as individuals, how we are evolving, and our impact on the world. We are the universe reflecting back on itself and we are also the universe in action in our work place, our communities and our institutions.

The first step is the courageous acknowledgment that we co-create our reality each and every moment. We do so through our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, choices and actions. This is why it's so important to be fully present in the moment--because each new idea, each new creation is informed by the moment just before. 

I invite you to replace linear thinking and simple cause/effect models with curiosity, openness and the ability to dance with complexity in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. We must learn how to plant seeds and launch initiatives that evoke the passions, the creativity, and innovation within the hearts and minds of our colleagues. The Result? Innovative products and services that are a win for all!

At its essence Conscious Leadership is...

The art of balancing Deep Listening (being) with Compassionate Engagement (doing) with the intention of evoking well-being for all.

It  is sustained by the core practices of:

  • Inquiry
  • Presence
  • Compassionate Engagement
  • Right Work

Showing up with greater conscious awareness allows you to access wisdom in the present moment and more powerfully utilize all the leadership, team, and organizational tools already in your repertoire. 

Leading consciously takes into consideration the tiniest creature and particle within the universe as well as a timeline of ongoing cosmic evolution.