Wednesday december 6, 2017

Wednesday december 6, 2017


Wherever you are is the entry point.



  • Take a deep belly breath in and hold it…see that breath…be with that breath. Now breathe out…all the way…and repeat two more times.
  • Pay attention to your breath…I’m breathing in…I’m breathing out…or…In…Out…
  • Where are you today? What field do you find yourself in? irritation or anger? sadness, loss or grief? an annoyance? a fear of some sort?
  • Call it vividly to mind while you’re sitting on the banks of the river witness.
  • You’ll notice and expansion and contraction. Try to ride the wave, neither suppressing it nor fanning it with your thoughts. Just sit with it as it rises and falls.
  • Yield to it, allow it to move and flow, to build momentum, reach a crest and then recede. Nothing stays the same.
  • No success. No failure. You are simply bringing awareness to your inner experience, with kindness and tenderness toward yourself.