• Are you on overwhelm, feeling stressed and looking for ways to de-stress and maintain a calmer, more relaxed approach to life?
  • Do you find yourself in the middle of chaos and want help making sense of what is happening and finding your path forward?
  • Do you want to get a jump start on establishing your meditation practice?
  • Do you feel stuck, dissatisfied—looking for greater meaning and purpose in your life?
  • Are you committed to deepening or renewing your meditation practice and want help doing so?

One-on-one mentoring sessions might be just what you need in this moment. Some clients have received what they needed in just two or three sessions. Clients working in high-stress, fast-paced, complex environments engage with me a couple times a month for six to twelve months. You set the pace—you determine what you need and when that need has been met.

Why don’t we set up some phone time to explore what it is that you are needing and whether I would be a good fit for you?  Contact me at: cmcarpenter@mac.com or 612.386.8688 to set up an initial phone conversation.

Initial phone conversation outline:

  • A summary of what you are experiencing and what it is you are looking for
  • Have you worked with a coach, therapist, or mentor?
  • Things you’ve tried that are helping and anything you’ve tried that has not helped
  • An outline of how I’d work with you, my core values, and expectations for each of us

Mentoring sessions available at my office in Eagan, Minnesota or by phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

$150 per session—sliding fee available upon request.