Are you interested in lowering your blood pressure, sleeping better, feeling less threatened, being less reactive, increasing the length of the telomeres of your cells, giving your immune function a boost and improving your health in general?

All of the above benefits, and more, are now scientifically noted outcomes of a daily sitting practice. Because meditation takes you to a core consciousness it also can help you become unstuck from default actions and patterns of thought so you are more open to possibility, less a bundle of conditioned reflexes, more creative and more conscious in making choices.

Meditation, or sitting and listening within, is a beautiful, cross-cultural wisdom practice. Some of the traditions are over two thousand years in practice and teaching. 

There is no one way or right way to meditate. In my classes I work to demystify the art and practice of meditation. I share various and practical approaches for calming your mind so that you may experience the quiet already present within you. I provide basic tools that support you in establishing and maintaining a daily meditation practice that works for you and supports you in your goals.  I also provide an opportunity to experience support in community with weekly drop-in meditation classes.

Beginning and advanced meditation classes are offered throughout the year at Aslan Institute in Eagan.  Private individual and group sessions are available upon request.